đŸĨšEggy's Games Cryptocurrency

Welcome to the cryptocurrency that empowers gamers. Eggy's games coin is an all in one solution to gaming needs. It gives the power of in game-currency back into the hands of the players and investors

About Eggy's Games Cryptocurrency

We will we be integrating all forms of Eggy's Games coin into every released game. Allowing investors to be rewarded for holding. They will be able to earn daily rewards, mission rewards, pay for in app items and unlock more parts of the game.

Free players will also be able to slow earn $EGG by participating in competitions and in-game leaderboards.

"I have set out on a mission to fully integrate cryptocurrency into web3 gaming. You will be able to earn $EGG in game. You will be able to spend it on in-app purchases, and every action in game is going to be always rewarded. We want to be the coin of the future in gaming. I am staking my reputation on this new venture.

— Bradley Erkelens

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