💡Introduction and History

We have been making games for over 15 years. We have released 33 games on the web in various platforms like Flash, Unity, Javascript and Mobile. We are now going to bring that same success to crypto.

History of Game Development

Eggy's Games has successfully released games played by millions of players. Our game The Unfair Platformer was famously played by PewDiePie himself. The game was played over 50 million times and was featured by every gaming youtuber at the time. We also released famous games such as Nodes, Draw-Play, Eggbot vs Zombies and more!

Eggys Games

With so many game releases, we are confident in our abilities to see games from start to finish. We always finish what we set out to do. Not once has that goal ever failed in over 15 years. If we promise you a game, we deliver it. No ifs, buts or else.

Fully Doxxed Developer - Bradley Erkelens

When you invest in our coin, you are investing in a developer with my name attached to it. I personally have built Eggy's Games from the ground up since a teenager. I constantly evolve with new technology and now I feel it's best to move onto cryptocurrency. It is the future of gaming and we want to bring it to you. I have personal experience with trading cryptocurrency and various integrations with SDK's into games, now I'm going to build our own.

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