🎮Dopamine Eggs

Our big game we will be releasing is an idle egg collecting game. You will continue to earn eggs even while offline, you will be able to spend Eggys Games for boosts and skill points and more!

Our Big Game Release

Dopamine Eggs is going to be our major game release that will work in conjunction with the interactive wallet. You will be constantly earning eggs and selecting upgrades, skill points and building your base. You will be able to spend your Eggy's Games coin for rewards, NFT's and in app purchases. Blending egg earning with money earning in one seamless game!

Main Gameplay

The game starts off as a normal idle game, you click the egg and you earn white eggs. As you upgrade and build other buildings, you unlock the ability to convert those eggs into better ones. White to Brown, to metal, to diamond, to jupiter eggs to eventually the best egg of all - Eggy's Games eggs. The amount will be limitless!

This will reward players for building up their profile and allow them to earn their way forward. Along the way they can spend their existing Eggy's Games coins for bonuses and boosts.

It Will Incorperate RPG Elements

As you build up your base you also be able to attack other bases based on wallet addresses. This will allow players to have fun with PVP and compete for leaderboards. All this will be based around a classic RPG theme of defeating monsters, lvling up your profile and characters and then setting out against other players and their skill builds. We have lots of art ready to go.

The Future

From here on we aim to get this game as a full playable beta by the end of 2024! So many exciting additions to come and we cannot wait to release it. It will show the world the potential of a cryptocurrency based idle game that rewards players by gaming in a fun classic idle style.

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